Scoring 320 on the GRE in less than 4 weeks, How i did it !!


So you must be trying to get a 320+ on your GRE to make it into your dream university. Getting a 320 is not very difficult, all it needs is your time and commitment. But if you are running short on time (as i was) here is my study plan- the plan that got me 320 in around 24 days . I hope this would help you achieve your GRE targets 🙂


GRE Study Plan:

Start off with ETS Powerprep 1st Test to see your preparation level and the improvement needed. try to find out your weak links and your strong points.

$$ Schedule: First Week

$$  Verbal

  • 50 words per day from Manhattan 500 Essential & Advanced Words.
    Also write it down in your Notebook.
  • Learn RC Strategies from Manhattan RC Guide

$$ Quantitative

  • Finish all the Manhattan 6 Quantitative Series of Books in 7 Days {this may seem a little too much . But trust me its simple, GRE quant is simple. The books too have lot of theory , you should go through them once and solve the problems sets}. I completed 1 book a day and completed the Manhattan RC guide in the week studying 1 section of the book each day for the 1st six days and completing the remaining of the 7th day.  This would require you to leave all other work, and give at-least 12 hours a day may be more. Now, if you have school to attend and have more time at hand you should try to spread it out and finish  the Manhattan 6 Quantitative Series of Books in 20 Days.

$$ Schedule: Week 2

$$ Verbal

  • Go with Manhattan SE TC Guide and attempt all the SE TC Questions
  • Next, go with SE TC Drills from Manhattan 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems.
  • You may try out The Magoosh GRE Flashcards App it will be helpful in remembering words otherwise you may also paint your wall with the word lists ( like i did 😛 )
  • WP_20141030_17_35_34_Pro
  • WP_20141030_17_35_21_Pro
  • WP_20141030_17_35_40_Pro

$$  Quantitative

  • go with ETS Official Guide and solve all the Quantitative sums
  • Do sums from Manhattan 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems
  • Optional: Solve Magoosh Practice Problems

$$  Daily Schedule: Week 3

$$ Verbal

  • For RC, Practice all the RC Drills from Manhattan RC and Manhattan 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems
  • Complete The magoosh GRE wordlist.

$$ Quantitative

  • Finish  Manhattan 5 lb. book of GRE Practice Problems

Take Mock Exams

  • From week 3 start taking mock tests complete the Manhattan 6 mock tests (you get these for free with any Manhattan GRE strategy guide.)

$$ Daily Schedule: Remaining days:

Take mock exams and analyze your mistakes and work on them.!

  • Take the Kaplan Tests buy  Kaplan GRE book to get 6 tests free.
  • Day beforeGRE:  ETS Powerprep 2nd Test
  • Pawn The GRE.

You can change this GRE Study plan as per your convenience considering you have more months to prepare. I have considered that you work 10-12 hours/day.

I hope this GRE Study Plan helps you to achieve that 320+ GRE Score.

All the best 


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