•CATIA v5 is an Integrated Computer Aided Engineering tool:
     •Incorporates CAD, CAM, CAE, and other applications
     •Completely re-written since CATIA v4 and still under development
     •CATIA v5 is a native Windows application
     •User friendly icon based graphical user interface
     •Based on Variational/ Parametric technology
     •Encourages design flexibility and design reuse
     •Supports Knowledge Based Design
CATIA v5 Philosophy
•A Flexible Modelling environment
       •Ability to easily modify models, and implement design changes
       •Support for data sharing, and data reuse
•Knowledge enabled
       •Capture of design constraints, and design intent as well as final model geometry
       •Management of non-geometric as well as geometric design information
•The 3D Part is the Master Model
       •Drawings, Assemblies and Analyses are associative to the 3D parts.  If the part design changes, the downstream models         with change too.
CATIA v5 Applications
•Product Structure
•Part Design
•Assembly Design
•Drafting (Interactive and Generative)
•Wireframe and Surface
•Freestyle Shaper

•Digital Shape Editor
•Photo Studio
•4D Navigator (including kinematics)
•Finite Element Analysis






Part Design

•The Part Design application is used to create solid models of parts

•Solid parts are usually created from 2D profiles that are extruded or revolved to form a base feature
•The Part Design task is tightly integrated with a 2D sketching tool
•A library of features is provided to allow user to add additional details to a base part
•Parts can be modified by selecting their features in the specification tree
•Parts are stored in files with the extension .CATPart
•The sketcher is used to create 2D sketches of designs, and apply constraints to the sketched geometry
•The sketcher is now the main environment for developing 2D profiles that will be used to build solid models (but traditional 2D wireframe techniques are available in the Wireframe and Surface application)
•The sketcher provides a flexible environment for creating and modifying 2D geometry
keep designing 🙂

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